Nick Jonas Hopes New Doc Brings Estranged Families “Back Together”

Nick Jonas hopes that the Chasing Happiness documentary helps other estranged families reunite. “For us, it was important to step into this new chapter with a lot of clarity about how we were going to approach it, and that was being as honest as possible with each other and with our fans–and maybe people who were not fans as well, which I think is very important,” Jonas told Entertainment Tonight at the film’s premiere on Monday. “This documentary hopefully will bring some families back together that maybe have had some tough times.” Brother Joe added that filming their reconciliation taught them an important lesson, noting, “I think what we learned over the last year, and what the doc shows quite a bit, is that our relationship as brothers, as family, comes first. And then the band, that comes second.” Chasing Happiness is available to stream on Amazon Prime starting June 4.