Did Cardi B Annouce She’s Pregnant on Her Album? 

Listen closely to Cardi B’s new album if you want to find out whether she’s pregnant or not. In a radio interview on Thursday, the rapper said she folded the truth about those pregnancy rumors into her debut LP Invasion of Privacy, so as to make people "tune in a little bit." Both Cardi and her fiancé Offset have denied reports she’s expecting, staying uncharacteristically mum on the topic. "I have been so open to people about myself," she continued. "People cannot expect me to open [up] about everything. Certain things to me, it has to be private." Invasion of Privacy is out now.  Cardi B Says Fans Will Have to Listen to Her Album to Find Out If She’s Pregnant | Entertainment Tonight: http://www.etonline.com/cardi-b-says-fans-will-have-to-listen-to-her-album-to-find-out-if-shes-pregnant-99802