Adam Levine Gets Punched in New “Wait” Music Video

Adam Levine gets punched into a coffin in the new music video for Maroon’s 5’s latest single “Wait.” The Dave Meyers-directed visual opens with Levine showing up shirtless for a funeral for his lover, player by Alexandra Daddario. Things take a crazy turn, however, when a guy punches Levine into her casket and it’s revealed she’s alive and ready to seek revenge. Other scenes show the singer covered in liquor as he lays in a trough-style urinal, turning his girlfriend’s face into a palette of mushed paint and facing a squad of women determined to beat him up. “Wait” is the second single from Maroon 5’s most recent LP, Red Pill Blues. Maroon 5’s Wait music video stars Alexandra Daddario, Adam Levine | Maroon 5: Adam Levine Shows Up Shirtless to a Funeral in New ’Wait’ Music Video — Watch | Entertainment Tonight: http://