The 4 Worst Collaborations of 2017

Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky were an odd couple, weren’t they? In The Ringer’s opinion, they were also an awful couple. To that end, here’s the website’s list of the worst cultural or artistic collaborations of 2017:Katy Perry & Migos. I’m so old that I can remember when Katy Perry teamed up with the Migos to make the first song in history to ever point out that some foods are kinda like vaginas. Spring 2017 feels like forever ago—a better time when our chief musical concern could be Katy Perry’s album rollout—but “Bon Appétit” is still one of the most confounding artifacts of the year. First came the goofy food-sex innuendos and one of the early instances of Quavo being shoehorned into a pop song; then came the music video, in which Perry literalized the metaphor (as though the lyrics were too cryptic?) by casting herself as a piece of food that is floured, seasoned and baked. Perry’s Witness was a stunning collection of misfires — a good companion piece to Taylor Swift’s Reputation — but “Bon Appétit” was particularly glaring. Giada De Laurentiis & Pizza (& Nicole Kidman). On one May episode of Ellen, De Laurentiis did not do anything right. She prepared a “pizza” using focaccia bread, fennel, and a clementine (???). She seemed genuinely stressed out on the show, as if she doesn’t habitually appear on Food Network emphatically pronouncing Italian words. And worst of all, she was snippy to fellow guest and flawless human Nicole Kidman. It was only right, then, that De Laurentiis’s Franken-pizza was met with absolute disdain from Ellen DeGeneres and Kidman, breaking the typical host-guest etiquette for cooking presentations. Kidman, who has won several acting awards, took it out of her mouth with a grimace. “I know you’re not meant to criticize, but it’s a little tough,” she said, winning a second Emmy in the process. De Laurentiis lamented, “I don’t even know why I bother,” which is an incredible way to close out a cooking segment.Jennifer Lawrence & Darren Aronofsky. Never had I ever seen a movie at a commercial screening that ended with the entire audience booing in unison, until one afternoon in September when I saw Mother! Darren Aronofsky and Jennifer Lawrence were a share-each-other’s-lollipops-level item while filming and promoting the divisive movie, but according to recent reports, they have since split up. I would never wish a breakup on anyone, but from a purely aesthetic perspective as a filmgoer, I believe that this one is for the greater good. Lawrence is too effusive (and frankly too good) an actress to function as a pawn in one of Aronofksy’s feature-length chess games.Ed Sheehan & Music. 2017 has been a year chock-full of horrors — and the few times I managed to leave my apartment to “commune” with other “human beings” and “cope,” I found myself invariably hoodwinked by the promising first few notes of a dancehall-adjacent track. Moments later, to my horror, it would dawn on me that that the song in question was none other than Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,” a song so amazingly unsexy that it functions as an argument for celibacy. I wish I could accurately convey the disappointment that washed over me every single time this betrayal of epic proportions took place on a dance floor. Imagine going out to eat at your favorite restaurant, splurging on an indulgent meal you normally convince yourself not to order, then bringing the leftovers home in a bag, writing your name on the bag in your neatest penmanship, taking that bag to work the next day, sitting through hours of meetings, opening the work fridge at lunch, and then realizing that someone ate all your food but left the bag and to-go container inside the fridge. Now imagine the person who ate your food is Ed Sheeran. That’s how I felt every time I heard this song with a rum and Coke in my hand.The Worst Collaborations of 2017 – The Ringer: https://