Afternoon Trivia

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Join Q101 each afternoon at 3:20 for Trivia, brought to you by Arby’s on Frontage Road. Win a free combo from Arby’s. (participants can win once in 30 days)

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1/03/17- Q . Even though THIS is considered a kid’s item, 75% of adults say they have one. What is it?

A. a Piggy Bank

1/04/17- Q. 18% of women do THIS before stepping on a scale. What is it?

A. Pray

1/05/16- Q. According to research, Wednesday is the most popular day of the week to do THIS. What?

A. go on a first date

1/06/17- Q. 28% of Americans say THIS is the last thing they do before going to bed. What?

A. Check the thermostat

1/10/17- Q. THIS will change over 29 times during the course of a woman’s life. What?

A. dress size

1/11/17Q. 55% of people have kept THIS for the past ten years. What?

A. the same best friend/

1/12/17- Q. The average woman does this 8 times per day. What?

A. criticize herself

1/16/17- Q. 21% of kids say if they were president, they would do THIS everyday. What?

A. Eat Ice Cream

1/20/17- Q. On average, women spend 36 minutes a week worrying about THIS. What?

A. Being too tan. pale

1/23/17- Q. According to a new study, 10% of people say they don’t own one of THESE. What?

A. a book

1/24/17- Q. 44% of women say they want to receive THIS on Valentines Day. What is it?

A.  handwritten love note

02/06/17- Q. On average, we do THIS about every 18 months. What?

A. buy a new cell phone

02/17/17- Q. 33% of women say a man, who wears THIS looks uncool. What?

A. Blue Tooth earpiece

2/20/17- Q, According to a new survey, it has been 9 years since the average person has done THIS. What?

A. ridden a bike

Q.  There is an 82% chance that you did THIS at work today. What is it?

A. use the restroom