Afternoon Trivia

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1/02/18- Q . 74% of kids like about this

A. Homework

1/03/18- In a work survey, 55% of people had a better opinion of a co-worker who does this. What is it?

A. Brings Doughnuts

1/04/18- 80% of people think members of this profession are the most honest.

A. Nursing

1/05/18- Experts say THIS should be washed every two days.

A. Pillowcase

02/01/18- A new survey says 22% of people have done this with their phone.

A. Hurled it across the room

02/02/18- 68% of people say they get annoyed if they have to wait for more than 60 seconds for this.

A. Elevator

03/09/18- Only 22% of teenagers own one of these.
A. Watch

03/12/18- 1 in 3 people say they can’t do this.  What?

A. Snap their fingers