Win a King Cake


Since we found a lot of babies in our King Cakes last year, we felt the need to give away a few.  So we have teamed up with Cash Saver Cost Plus Food Outlet on North Frontage Road in Meridian to give you some of those Mardi Gras sweet treats! There is one catch….We have misplaced those King Cake “Babies” and we believe they have been roaming ALL-AROUND this website trying to not get caught. We need you to help find them, take a screen shot of one, and then text us the photo to get qualified to win each days contest. The contest will be held weekdays from February 13th-24th and be from 10am-5pm each day.  Our text line is 601-693-4101.

WARNING: Some of those babies aren’t pretty to look at,,,,just sayin’!